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Mine Managers Dinners

2007 Mine Managers Dinner

A Night at the Races - 2007 Mine Managers Dinner

Held at the Boulder Town Hall on Saturday 8 September 2007 @ 6.30pm

For over a century, mining and racing have gone hand-in-hand in the Goldfields, making the annual "Round" one of Australia's most iconic sporting events. "A Night at the Races" was a celebration of the rich and enduring legacy of the "sport of kings" on the Goldfields. Imagine this: Twenty of the greatest champions in the history of Goldfields racing are all at the same barrier on the same day. Collectively, they have won twenty-three Kalgoorlie Cups, nine Boulder Cups, seven Coolgardie Cups, four Hannan's Handicaps, seven Perth Cups, two Adelaide Cups, two Moonee Valley Cups, three Herbert Power Handicaps, a WS Cox Plate, a Sydney Cup, a Geelong Cup, and a Melbourne Cup! They are about to contest the Goldfields Grand Cup. Which Goldfields champion will salute the judge and become the 'champion of champions'?

Barry Strickland and his internationally acclaimed performers provided an evening of rapturous entertainment, whilst enjoying a sumptuous three-course meal, fine wines and premium beers throughout the evening.

Dress Theme

Both women and men had the opportunity to dress glamorously from any era from the late 1890s through to the early 2000s, and participate in an on-stage parade of their fanciest race-day finery.

2006 Mine Managers Dinner

Poseidon Unlimited! - 2006 Mine Managers Dinner

On WA's Goldfields, it's the dawning of the Age of Nickel and the Australian share market is about to rocket into the stratosphere with the rise of Poseidon NL.

Golden Quest Trails Association's 2006 Mine Managers Dinner at the magnificent Boulder Town Hall on Saturday 22nd July 2006 from 6:30pm.

An evening of mythic proportions featuring the fabulous music of the 1960s, '70s and '80s, a sumptuous 3 course meal, all drinks, and a performance created and directed by Barry Strickland and featuring Mary-Attracta Connolly, Murray Dowsett, Sharon Wisniewski, Jeremy Levi and Alastair Smith.

An evening in which to be transported into the Goldfields' recent past with the dawning of the Nickel Age. First came WMC's rich Red Hill deposits, then the extraordinary stock market frenzy associated with Poseidon NL's Windarra leases (1969–70). Suddenly, the gloom associated with the stagnant gold market vaporised, and once again the Goldfields were abuzz with activity. Devised by Barry Strickland, Poseidon Unlimited! takes us on a 30-year roller-coaster ride in which spectacular fortunes are made, others spectacularly lost. This was an era in which the Goldfields were re-invented, culminating in the amalgamation of the legendary Golden Mile leases into one stupendous Super Pit (1989). In three 30-minute acts, the big historic moments of the era were entertainingly brought to life by an outstanding cast of five professional performers, who also sang many of the hit songs of the 1960s, '70s and '80s, including songs made famous by the likes of Dusty Springfield, Abba, Simon & Garfunkel and Queen. During the evening there were great prizes to be won, including a getaway to Gwalia's 'Hoover House', with guests having the opportunity to bid for items of Goldfields memorabilia during the fundraising auction. Dancing to '70s disco music brought the evening to a close.

1970s Dress Theme

The 2006 Mine Managers Dinner provided an opportunity to get out the flares, the platform shoes, the clinging floral body shirts! The 1970s was a decade of anything goes, providing that the colours were loud and clashing and the fabrics nylon, acrylic and polyester! Hair was big, hot pants very small, kaftans voluminous, boots thigh high, polyester leisure suits all the rage. Prizes were awarded for the Best Dressed Group and the Best Dressed Couple.

2003 & 2004 Mine Managers Dinners

The Golden Quest Discovery Trail is widely recognised as an innovative and successful collaboration between business and the WA Goldfields community. The Golden Quest Mine Managers' Dinner is the annual major fundraising initiative for the Golden Quest Discovery Trail and managed by the Golden Quest Trails Association inc.

Sponsors and the community have the opportunity to be involved with a unique event that showcases our rich heritage and celebrates some of the many remarkable men and women who helped to make the WA Goldfields globally renown. Each year the Event builds upon the highly successful dinners held in previous years.

WA's Goldfields have a rich tradition of celebrating the gold industry and its achievements. Goldfielders love nothing more than a good dinner with good company. From the late 1890s, mine managers would regularly host dinners at town halls and prominent hotels, providing fine food and wine, entertainment and, of course, a guest speaker.

The inaugural Golden Quest Mine Managers' Dinner, held at the Palace Hotel in 2004, was a re-enactment of a dinner from the year 1902. It attracted a sell-out crowd, many of whom got fully into the spirit of things by wearing period costumes, recapturing some of the glamour of the roaring days of old.

The hugely successful 2005 Golden Quest Mine Managers Dinner was held in June at the Boulder Town Hall. Set in 1933 Claude de Bernales and his fellow directors of Great Boulder Proprietary Gold Mines Ltd invited guests to join them at the Boulder Town Hall for a lavish dinner to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the discovery of gold by Hannan, Flanagan & Shea in June 1893 - a discovery that ultimately gave rise to the fabulous Golden Mile.

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